Get SSH Keys and Config File for Use with ButConnect:

ButConnect works without any registration.
However, for unattended access, your own dedicated SSH key (respectively, a pair of associated keys) is required.

We're going to generate two different keys to allow different (or even no) passphrases for both of them. The keys are interchangeable and can be used for either the client or the agent to connect (but it's still only one particular connection).

If a key is intended for unattended operation, leave its passphrase field empty.

The correspondig configuration file will also be created.

Default Settings:
Reach Port:
... on Host:

Default Settings:
... via Port:
... on Host:


This shop is still 'pre-alpha' and we do not actually sell those keys, yet.
Instead, we give them away for free.

But if you are under the impression that helping us to provide a Free Alternative Remote Access Solution might be a good idea, you're probably right.

The ButConnect service is scalable, but to acually scale it out, we need some more ... coffee.
Our servers don't run on coffee — but we do. Please consider to support us.

A reasonable amount of coffee for your keys that allow unattended remote access for a could be: . Thank you!

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